Great Hearts

Message from Superintendent Miniter

Dear Great Hearts Texas Community,

In this holiday season of joy, I am writing to express my thanks and appreciation. As you may know, this is my last day as Superintendent of Great Hearts Texas. I made the decision to step away at a time when my priorities have shifted more than I could have imagined just a few years ago(we have been blessed with our first child this summer after 17 years of marriage), and when I am more focused professionally on the strategic decisions a chief executive officer is empowered to make than I was when I joined Great Hearts. It was a hard decision to make, made all the harder for how much love and respect I have for you.

I will remain as Chief Advisor to the Board of Directors to help with a few strategic issues, and, of course, will always remain a supporter of our students and schools. If you haven’t received the email about Kurtis Indorf serving as Interim Superintendent, please click here to read about his appointment.

There are many moments during my tenure that will forever stay with me. From stepping into a music class at Western Hills to joining a discussion on Dante’s “Inferno” in a Humane Letters class at Irving, it’s been wonderful to see a new generation benefit from a classical education under the masterful tutelage of our faculty.

It’s also been wonderful to see our district reach new heights in ways that we can rightly be proud of. Over the past two years, our academic rating improved to an “A” and our financial rating improved to an “A.” We expanded to 12,000 students, up from 8,000. We opened new schools, retained and recruited amazing headmasters, and hired hundreds of talented teachers. We also built a supremely capable senior leadership team, which entailed hiring or promoting new leaders to manage our finance, strategy, fundraising, human resources, co-curricular, and operations teams as well promoting three very capable individuals to serve as executive directors overseeing our schools.

This is a team that has the depth and heart to successfully run the complex school system that we have become, which is one reason why our enrollment is strong, and it is how we’ve been able to enhance our school security, switch to a new health-care program, and revamp IT while also putting more resources into our schools. By my estimation, these and other changes will enable us to reinvest approximately $7 million to$10 million annually in our schools in ways that more directly help students than we would have otherwise. That is a legacy we will build on for years to come.

A significant ingredient of our success has been our Board of Directors and our board chair, Shannon Sedgwick Davis. She is courageous, tough, and tender-hearted. She leads humbly, but brilliantly. She isn’t one to seek credit. Rather, her orienting principle is love and she has a desire for what is best for our students and what will advance a classical education for all of the scholars in our care. We are lucky to have her. Please join me in thanking her for her dedication and thanking each member of our Board of Directors for their leadership. I will be eternally grateful for them.

As my time as Superintendent draws to a close, I carry with me an unwavering optimism for our future. It has been said, that “No man steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river, and he’s not the same man.” At Great Hearts Texas, many rivers are yet to be crossed, and we should be thankful for that. There is glory in the work, and at Great Hearts Texas there is also much joy in it.

Thank you for your dedication and your help over these past two years. Our students and our schools are better off for it, and I will remain forever in your debt.

All the best,

Brendan Miniter
Superintendent, Great Hearts Texas